Culture shock

This table show some of the people experience on the culture shock:

Intern Host Country Comments





 She was talking about the honeymoon stage, she enjoyed the change every thing was new, and she meet a wonderful people.



After few weeks she start missing home, miss knowing how to react “Culture rule”.



She was feeling fine, but after she receive a letter from her best friend her feeling were mixed she was laughing and in the same time bowling.

Costa Rica


She say she is open mind and she will not hate anything there and she love it first, but then in one day she hate everything there and don’t like it.

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UnRegular Food – Locusts


Locusts is a meal that eaten it in Yemen, African countries, Also some of the gulf countries. They believe it is a cure for some diseases like: (Rheumatism – back pain – delayed growth of children), but it is not good for the people who are suffering from epilepsy.

How Rude Was That

1.Burping at the end of a meal:

  • Its rude in the UAE culture because  it is impolite and sickening.
  • It is not rude on other cultures because it means that they enjoyed the meal so the chef we know that his food was good.

2.Arriving late for a meeting with no explanation:

  • In UAE culture it is rude, they must be on time because their is someone is waiting them and the must respect the time and the people.
  • It is not rude because the person who came late might have a personal reason that he can’t tell.

3.Arriving early and “pitching in”:

  • In the UAE culture its not rude because the person might need a help and the person who arrived want to help him so cooperation is good.
  • It is rude because they don’t like someone to help them, they might think that they will ruin their things.


   Today I bought the dates as a cultural thing, We eat dates every afternon and we drink arabic coffee with it. Dates are rich of nutrients, also it protect you from the diseases and poison. 

About me

Am Maha Nasser, am a student in Hct collages my major is IT Security and Forensics. i like traveling and visiting new places to know more about their culture, I hope this course will be fun:)