• In Venezuela and Brazil there is a tribe called Yanomami they burn the dead people, then the ash and bone powder of the dead person is mixed into a plantain soup and they drink it. Because they believe that it will ensure peace for the souls of dead person. In addition, the soul will be unhappy if he couldn’t find a resting place in the bodies of his loved ones.



  • In Madagascar they have a traditional festival (Famadihana) Which is known as the turning of the death bodies. They bring them from the tombs and they dress them a new cloth, then they dance with them around the tomb. Because the beliefs of the local people that the dead return to God and are reborn.



  • In India the people blessed their newborn babies by throwing them of a temple 50ft high and catching them in a cloth. Because they believe it will bring health, prosperity and luck to the newborn.Picture2

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